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What is a transitional or sober living home?

Sober living communities provide those in recovery with an environment where they can support one another in maintaining their sobriety. This should always be a place where residents can help one another work towards lifelong recovery one day at a time.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs begin the process of teaching a person to find the healthy lifestyle choices that will allow sobriety and continued recovery. This process is one that continues throughout life but for many addicts and alcoholics, treatment programs last anywhere from 30-90 days, and that is often not enough time to completely readapt to society in a healthy manner. Individuals in Sober living homes often become residents after being in a licensed medical or non-medical residential alcohol and drug recovery program or treatment facility. In general, this is enough time to begin the process of recovery, but in many cases this process needs nurturing before complete reintegration to general society is a safe move. Casa Pacifica Women, a sober living home for women, offers a positive environment to support the transition back to society while abiding by new rules and lifestyle changes. We at Casa Pacifica Women are happy to answer any questions, please feel free to call or email us so we can best address your needs.