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  I spent about nine months at Casa Pacifica Women's and loved every moment of it. Sober living offered me an instant support group to come home to and a safe inviting environment to live in. I got plugged into the community and met wonderful women through this house. Laura herself always made sure I felt safe and was having a good experience. She cared so much about me and the other women in the house. I'm forever thankful for the great start at sobriety I had. Thanks to Laura and the program she showed me and offered I have maintained sobriety. It was a beautiful experience living in the house and the house taught me how to be a women with integrity and how to live a normal life.
~ Ivey W.

When I came into Casa Pacifica I was a mess. A girl filled with anxiety and hurt. I was lost on how to take on sobriety and overwhelmed by everything. I was scared to talk to people, scared to go to meetings, scared of everything. When I walked into Casa Pacifica something there felt safe, and I knew it was where I needed to be. The house manager encouraged me to be honest about how I was feeling and would talk to me for hours helping me to feel comfortable in my own skin. The support and encouragement I received in the house slowing gave me a support network and the building blocks I needed to stay sober. The women I met in this house inspired me and together we went to meetings, did our steps, and grew in our sobriety. In the six months I stayed at Casa Pacifica I learned to live again sober, and I could not have asked for a more beautiful place or more beautiful women to do it with. 

~ Alexandria K

Casa Pacifica holds a very special place in my heart, as it always will. Something magical happened for me the day that I first visited the home and spoke to Laura; I felt unconditional love and support. The women of Casa Pacifica helped me learn to laugh again and they taught me how to love myself. For that, I am forever grateful!
~ Nicole C.