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Our mission at Casa Pacifica Women is to support each woman in securing her individual bridge between life and sobriety. Casa Pacifica Women is a Transitional Sober Living Home for women that will guide you to a healthy sober path by first showing you how to live a rewarding life with the five S's - Strength, Surrender, Sanctuary, Serenity and Self. This will be your foundation in bridging the gap between life and sobriety to ensure the most important of all... Sustainability. Casa Pacifica Women provides a serene environment which allows each resident to lay further ground work supporting a successful recovery process.

Strength - Surrender - Sanctuary - Serenity - Self = Sustainability

Casa Pacifica Women provides all residents with a safe and supportive environment while fostering independence thus encouraging each woman to secure their individual path to true recovery. Casa Pacifica Women is primarily self-regulated with certain guidelines including 20 hours a week of recovery activities. These may include 12-Step meetings, Smart Recovery, one-on-one outside therapy, attendance at an Intensive Outpatient Program or Aftercare Program.

Casa Pacifica Women teaches you how to bring LIFE into sobriety.

Experience has shown us that it is not only vital to focus on ones sobriety but to lay a firm foundation of balance in your physical, spiritual and emotional well-being. At Casa Pacifica Women, we encourage each resident to perform a variety of life skill activities. These may include physical exercise, outdoor activities, volunteer work, educational classes, gardening, church, temple, synagogue, health and wellness lectures, alternative therapies, spiritual practices, yoga and vocational counseling. The house manager and management team are available to assist each individual with finding and establishing these contacts.